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testing power supply

The most powerful charger on the market right now.

1 Pair Universal Probe Test Leads Pin for Digital Multimeter Meter 20A

Compatible with universal multimeters
Maximum current: 20A
Test voltage range: 1000 V Max
Cable length: 90cm approx
Suit for testing IC components

 Quick charger for 5 devices with display screen.

Professional charger with 5 ports.

Magnetic Micro USB Cable For iPhone Samsung Android Fast Charging Magnet Charger USB Type C.

3 in 1 USB Cable Type C Cable for Samsung S20 Redmi Note 9s Charging 4 in 1 Cable for iPhone X 11 Pro Max Micro USB Cable.

4 in 1 Cable Usb.

A very good test lead kit.

Very efficient USB dock test to diagnose a fault.

Multi-purpose Transistor ESR/SMD Tester BSIDE ESR02pro Smart Diode Triode Capacitance Resistor Meter LCD meter MOS/PNP/NPN test

I Power Supply iPowerMAX test Cable for iPhone XS MAX X 8G 8P X 7G 7P 6S 6SP 6G 6P DC Power control Wire test line iPower

ZXW Tool for motherboard repair, board diagram.

Tool for motherboard repair, board diagram.

iSocket for iPhones, very useful for troubleshooting the latest models.

iSocket from Wozniak for iPhone x xs / xs max 11 motherboard test failure.

Tool to test the network of the iPhone, it can also be used to measure signals and voltages on the pins of the reader.

Cable iBoot for Android and iPhone. 

Qianli Tool iBridge Test Cable for IP X 8P 8G 7P 7 6SP 6S 6P 6 Motherboard Fault Display Touch Tail Plug Rear Camera Repair.

Power Z with display LCD. 

iRepair Box P10 to put in DFU mode.

Better quality / price tester impossible.

Professional effective value tester.

Multimeter Fluke 15B.

One of the best multimeters of the UNI-T brand.

FLIR ONE PRO LT Mobile Phone Infrared Thermal Camera for iPhone Repair PCB Fault Diagnosis Thermal imager for iOS and Android

LB 1202 Oscilloscope 200mhz 2chanel oscillograph 1gsa/s 7” Tft Lcd Better Than Ads1102cal+ Osciloscope Kit

One of the best oscilloscopes on the market. 

32V and 10A laboratory supply, very economical.

Professional adjustable power supply.

Kaisi Magico Restore-Easy Cable for iPhone iPad Automatic Restoration Automatic DFU mode Upgrade Online Check Serial Number

12/13 in 1 usb tester dc power meter digital voltmeter

18 in 1 USB tester T18 digital voltmeter

The usb tester of a lifetime, we have been with it for more than four years and at the moment it works as on the first day.