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2 in 1 750W hot air gun LCD Digital display welding rework station for cell-phone BGA SMD PCB IC Repair solder iron hairdry 8898(máx.)Hot air heater and welding iron 2in1 rework soldering station. 

 Clothed path with sensor, temperature control will be triggered if microcomputer passes zero. LED display, high power, fast temperature rise, accurate and stable temperature, without influence of air volume, true lead-free desoldering.


This soldering station has NO Hot air gun ! Iron tip do not work continuously high temperature, high temperature work is easy to damage the tip!Ordinary solder melting point is 183 degrees, lead-free solder melting point is 227 degrees, usually the welding temperature is 300-380 degrees, 380 degrees is the temperature of the dividing line. 

Original QUICK TS1200A Solering Station, Intelligent Lead Free Lcd Touch Soldering Station, 120W TS1200A anti-static soldering iron soldering station for Cell Phone circuit board Repairing, Touch operation, intelligent, lead free, digital led display, 120W Intelligent Soldering Station for Mobile Phone BGA desoldering Repairing.

Original 1000W QUICK 861DW heat gun lead-free hot air soldering station The microcomputer temperature Hot Air Rework Station with 7pcs nozzles

JBC CD-2SH soldering station with the JBC Advanced system for general electronic applications. It works with the JBC exclusive heating system and the intelligent sleep & hibernation features.

Estación de soldadura JBC CD-2SE original. Aquí tenemos otra estación de soldar de la marca JBC, es la estación de precision. También la tenemos en nuestro taller, llevamos con ella más de cuatro años. Para cualquier soldadura de precision, dispone de puntas que pueden llegar hasta 0.01 de diámetro. Si tu volumen de trabajo es bastante elevado, tendrías que tener las dos estaciones JBC.

Kaisi SUGON T26 Soldering Station Lead-free 2S Rapid Heating Soldering Iron Kit JBC handle universal 80W Power Heating System

2 IN 1 800W LED Digital Soldering Station Hot Air Gun Rework Station Electric Soldering Iron For Phone PCB IC SMD BGA Welding. Hot air heater and welding iron 2in1 rework soldering station.

Dual LCD digital displays to show precision temperature.
Intelligence self-detection function features safe personal operation.

Comfortable portable handheld and the Digital LED display, microcomputer control , warming-up quickly, adjust the air flow and temperature control keypad; Refer to the instructions included with three kinds of nozzles ( big , medium and small ) replacement part.