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Smartphones Repair Tool Sets Mobile Phone Repair Tools 23 IN 1 With Screwdriver Kit For Iphone Cellphone Cell Phones

Precision S2 screwdriver bit, strong magnetic adsorption, tight seam, efficient solution to the problem of sliding wire Aviation aluminum handle, anti-slip and labor-saving design, ergonomic, comfortable grip. You can choose the style you need: Torx 0.8 Y-Type 0.6 Phillips 1.5 Phillips 2.5mm Torx T2 Torx T1

Qianli 3D screwdriver, they are the screwdrivers that we use in the workshop. With the full set, you have screwdrivers to work 95% of mobile devices.

It is a first-class screwdriver that allows you to work all these brands: Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lg, Xperia … and much more. We have been using this screwdriver set for a little over a year and for now it works as it did on the first day. You also have the possibility to replace only the tip, which for me is a positive thing.

Stainless Steel Blade Soft Thin Pry Spudger Opening Tool

Stainless Steel Material, high precision, flexible but tough, not easy to break, Professional phone opening tools for replacing batteries, touch screen, LCD, cover….


This is a tough tool that can be used for a variety of purposes when repairing electronic devices

Ideal for working around sensitive electronic components without fear of shocking or scratching the

The pointed end of the spudger can be used to connect/disconnect components, hold objects for soldering, or poke something that requires poking.

Ultra thin card, excellent for prying/opening task.

Polished and smooth edges, will not damage or scratch your phone.

A nice tool to open LCD screen, back cover housing and battery.

Set of plastic prongs to lift the screens, the back covers and the batteries of the phones.

This lot contains all the measurements we need. A very common measurement in phone repair is 0.50 and 0.60.

Electronics Industrial Tweezers Anti-static Curved Straight Tip Precision Stainless Forceps Phone Repair Hand Tools Sets

Titanium alloy tweezers professional maintenance tool 0.15mm edge precision fingerprint tweezers Apple main board copper wire

Here we have 5 flexible units, for different jobs in our workshop. It is a very thin 0.1mm sheet that can open a hole when lifting any back cover. It has rounded shapes so as not to cut the flex.

Precision screwdrivers to disassemble any phone. It is light in weight, comfortable to work with, and they are compatible with brands such as: MacBook / Pro / PC / PDA / LG / Nokia / Samsung / Motorola / Xiaomi / Blackberry / iPhone …

Package Includes: One Screwdriver, One 0.8 Pentalobe Bit, One PH000 Bit, T5 Torx Bit, T6 Bit, 2.0 Flat Bit.

S2 precision screwdriver, very strong with aluminum handle, non-slip design and comfortable grip. You have the possibility to buy the entire hole or buy one by one. The lot contains: Torx 0.8, Y-type 0.6, Phillips 1.5, Phillips 2.2mm, Torx T2.

Titanium Steel Handle,Bearing Swivel Cap Tri Wing Y2.0 /Cross/Slot / Torx T2/T3/T4/T5 Type x25mm Screwdriver , Brand BAKU,BK-332


Silicone welding mat resistant to heat up to 500ºC. It is a very useful tool when disassembling mobile phones and changing the ICs (integrated circuits) on the motherboard.

We have the possibility to place the screws, the clamps and all the tools that we are going to use for the disassembly.

High Quality S2 Steel Magnetic Screwdriver Set For IPhone 8 8P 7 7P 6S 6P 6 5 Tournevis Screw Driver Phone Repair Tools Tool

Storage box for screwdrivers, tweezers, scissors, tin, flux. Our technicians use this storage box and in this way they have all the tools organized.

Jyrkior brand mid-range screwdriver set. They are precision 3D screwdrivers with good quality / price. We have been using them for more than a year and a half.

Surgical Scalpel

Surgical scalpel with ten replacement blades. It is a very useful tool when working on the motherboard. We have been using this tool for more than 7 years. We, in most cases, use sheet number 11. 

PVC plastic material, environmental friendly, no easy deformation, high oil-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
Suitable for screen separation of mobile phones and tablets.
ABC industrial plastic material, more durable and higher deformation-resistant than usual plastic.

Universal Suction Cup Opening Repair for iPhone LCD Screen Repair Tool Kit Computer Tablet PC Vacuum Strong Suction Cup

PC Plastic Hard Lunette Securite Occhiali Protettivi Eye Protect Safety Glasses Gafas 

8PCS/Lot Adjustable Metal Clip Fixture Clamp Phone Repair Tools LCD Display Screen Fastening Clamp Clip For IPhone/IPad/Tablet


Plastic Card Mobile Phone Screen Opening Scraper for iPhone Repair Mobile Phone Tablet Screen Open Teardown Repair Tool

Stainless Steel Pry Opener Metal Guitar Picks for iPhone Samsung Mobile Phone LCD Screen Repair Opening Tools Attrezzi

1PC Protective Film Tape 95% Transmittance 100 Meters Tape Corrosion Resist For LCD Separator Mobile Phone LCD Screen Protector.

1pair Antistatic Gloves Anti Static ESD Electronic Working Gloves pu coated palm coated finger PC Antiskid for Finger Protection.

100ML/200ML/250ML Clean Anti Static Liquid Plastic Alcohol Bottle, Plastic Liquid Alcohol Press Nail Polish Remover Dispenser Pumping Bottle with stainless steel bottle cap.


RELIFE RL-054 50ML resin tools Empty E-liquid Plastic Flux Alcohol Bottle, With Needle Tip. Features:  high quality Transparent Polyethylene Easy re-fill Stand-up design Ideal flux dispenser Squeeze bottle ships for precise drops of flux, solder mask, glues, adhesives, silicones, liquids and oils.

BGA rework station Antistatic Brush PCB Cleaning Tool ESD PCB brush Electronic component Cleaning Desoldering Handtools.

LED UV Flashlight Ultraviolet Torch With Zoom Function Mini UV Black Light Pet Urine Stains Detector Scorpion Hunting

3D Printer Parts Plato. PLATO 170 U.S. US American Wishful Clamp DIY Electronic Diagonal Pliers Side Cutting Nippers Wire Cutter

18V Power Tools Electric Mini Drill with 0.3-3.2 With Grinding Accessories Set Multifunction Mini Engraving Pen For Dremel tools

GOXAWEE 110V 220V Power Tools Electric Mini Drill with 0.3-3.2mm Universal Chuck & Shiled Rotary Tools For Dremel 3000 4000.

Micrometer Measuring Tool QST008

Main Features:
Made of strong plastic carbon fiber composites, lightweight and durable
Four way measurement: inside diameter, outside diameter, depth, step
Zero setting in any position
With large LCD display, easy to read

Mechanic Tweezers Electronic Precision Forceps for iPhone Repair Industrial Tweezers Repair Electronics Parts Mechanic Tools.

Orange Magnetizer Demagnetizer Tool Screwdriver Magnetic Pick Up Tool for Screwdriver Tweezers Gauss Degauss